Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Disney

Hi all well I am with my family in walt disney world Florida for a week we are having a ball! I also brought my stuff to do my art journal and start my tags for the true blood art tag swap I am in. Natasha is hosting the swap she is over at: I love love love true blood and the house that we rented doesnot have HBO so I missed last Sunday so I have to catch it when I get home.
Last night we went to Epcot I thought I would share some pics...


  1. You could have came over and watched it with me lol. I love that show. We record it on our DVR. We are only 10 mins from Disney hehe. I am glad you had fun and hope to see ur art work



  2. Thanks Stephanie,
    I still think you are so lucky living this close to Disney. We are at a gated community called High Grove it is a great house. We went to MGM today but left because it was way toooooo hot. Tomorrow I am off shopping we are hitting Joanne's I have to get some things for my true blood tag which I am almost done yea I just have to print out 2 more things. I keep switching it mid way through.
    Thanks again!!!!